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Teaching Philosophy

"My teaching philosophy is grounded in a dual commitment to the information I am imparting and the unique needs of my students. By establishing clear and mutually agreed-upon goals, we embark on a collaborative journey towards achieving those objectives and finding the most efficient and artistic expression of their voice.

I hold the belief that teaching voice involves a balanced combination of knowledge in the systems of singing, evidence-based practices, and a creative imagination. I foster an environment where students feel empowered to express the sensations they experience while singing, allowing me to adapt my feedback using their own terminology. I identify cues that resonate most effectively with each individual, ensuring that the information is delivered in a personalized and impactful manner.

I am dedicated to cultivating a shame-free, empathy-led studio that nurtures a safe space for students to embrace the messy aspects of learning, ultimately leading to polished performances. While upholding a standard of hard work and practice, I remain a supportive guide throughout the learning process. In alignment with my expectations for students, I hold myself accountable by actively engaging in continuing education to remain a current and valuable resource for my students in this ever-evolving field of voice science.

I approach my role as a voice teacher with a deep sense of respect and responsibility, acknowledging the honor and privilege of guiding students who entrust me with their vocal development."

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Chloe Fiet.heic

Chloe Fiet

avocational singer

I have been taking professional voice lessons for almost 10 years now and Christina has helped me grow more in the year that I’ve worked with her than I ever had previously. From the moment you meet her, you can tell that she is one of a kind. She creates a space where you can feel comfortable trying new things without the fear of failure. You can tell that she truly cares about each and every one of her students; not just as singers, but as people. She will be your loudest cheerleader and give you every resource possible to help you succeed. I absolutely love working with her

Brandon Brown.JPG

Brandon Brown,m.m.

Choral Conducting University of Missouri-Columbia

I have been taking lessons pretty consistently for 20 years obtaining both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Vocal Performance. My many experiences have shown me that Christina is a one-of-a-kind gem!  Christina has not only helped me improve my own technique, but also made sure I had useful tools to help others. She definitely knows what she is talking about, and I am appreciative of her giving me time and a patient and encouraging space to improve my teaching ability with students from her voice studio. I highly recommend Christina Ray for your professional development for classical and musical theatre training.

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